Is it possible to fix a large pivot door when it warps?  In the simplest terms, no. That’s why it’s so important to be sure you get a door made out of a material that is guaranteed not to warp. Fortunately, SingCore is the only company that guarantees their products not to warp, bend, or otherwise fail for up to 50 years.

The core of the door determines the weight, strength, and long-term performance of the door. While Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVLN) and wood-based door cores work well for standard sized doors, these cores are not practical for oversized doors because they will significantly increase the weight of the door. This makes the doors more likely to fail, more expensive to handle, move, and maintain, and increases the potential risks for workers that will install these doors.

What makes SingCore doors the best:

  1. Highest precision
  2. Non-warping
  3. Strongest door
  4. Lightweight
  5. Insulated
  6. Customizable


SingCore has been offering this 50-year guarantee to high-end door manufacturers for years. If they were unable to consistently deliver these results to their clientele, they would not be serving the largest and best door companies in the United States.

Some of SingCore’s clients include:


For more information on SingCore check out our page, About SingCore.