SingCore panels are engineered with a lightweight, insulated, vertical grain tension box core. Then two skins are adhered to create a panel that’s lighter, stronger, and warp-resistant. Because the strength off our core doesn’t rely on wood, which is a naturally warping material, SingCore panels have a 50 year warp-free guarantee; the only one offered in the industry.

Additionally, SingCore panels are completely customizable, making them perfect for any project. 



  • Length and Height are based upon your specifications to fit your project’s needs. We can also custom manufacture your panel’s grade, core grid size, skin type, edging, trimming, internal blocking, and thickness. However, the minimum thickness is 3/4″. There is no maximum thickness!


  • You can order Sing panels with open or closed edges. Ordering your Sing panels with open edges is useful if you intend to work with the panel post-manufacturing. If you prefer closed edges, the skin material will be pressed and glued over a solid wood frame. Unless specified otherwise, edging is 1.25″ solid birch.

Skin Options

  • We provide many different skin options to fit any of your construction needs. This includes Birch, MDF, Mahogany, Fir, Cedar, and even metals like Galvanized Steel. See images of example door skins on our Galleries page.


  • Unless otherwise specified, all of our panels are shipped untrimmed. If you need a clean, finished panel on arrival, simply specify in your order. Open edged panels will always include trimmed edges.

Other Specifications: Internal Blocking and Embedded Chases

Many custom projects require specific hardware to be installed in our panels post-production. Therefore, we offer additional wood blocking anywhere within the panel. However, increased amounts of internal wood blocking will increase the weight and the likelihood of warping since wood tends to warp over time.

Custom Sing Panels can be manufactured to your architectural specifications, which may include special chases for plumbers to route hot and cold water feeds or electricians to run electrical wiring through. Since every Sing panel is custom manufactured, we can have your wire chase or plumbing pre-installed within your panels at any specified location. 

For any special customization you need for your project, please provide us with detailed specifications and drawings so we can be sure to give you the product that you need!