Designers and architects are establishing a new trend that is sure to get attention from onlooker’s first glance. These are large pivot doors. The larger the pivot door, the more impressive and attention-grabbing. Although some door manufacturers build and stock standard pivot doors, ready to install, Large Pivot Doors custom manufactures each high-end product for installation by millworks, craftsmen, or custom door manufacturers. This makes each of our doors like a customized work of art.

Large Pivot Doors was made with the idea that great luxury pivot doors should not sacrifice on quality. We set out to solve every problem with current pivot doors.

Current Pivot Door Problems

  1. Heavy Weight

    • The weight of a large pivot door can affect plans concerning the structure, sub-structure, or support structure. Usually, additional reinforcement is necessary to support such large doors. Additionally, the weight of the door determines which hardware will be necessary to operate the door. All of this weight can also affect installation costs since they often require heavy equipment to help transport, maneuver, and install such doors.
  2. Warping Doors

    • The greatest long-term problem with large pivot front doors is their function as an exterior door. The unique characteristic of every front door is that one side of the door faces the exterior which is exposed to the weather, while the other side of the door faces the interior of the structure, which is often climate-controlled. This causes a tremendous strain on the door, especially if the door features a natural (sometimes exotic) wood. Wood is the material that is most prone to warping. This is especially true if the wood spans more than seven feet.
  3. No Insulation

  4. No Sound Dampening

  5. Limitation of surface materials, or style

Large Pivot Door Advantages

  1. Lightweight

  2. Non-Warping

  3. Insulated

  4. Sound Dampening

  5. Eco-Friendly

Large Pivot Doors utilizes SingCore technology in order to create non-warping, insulated, sound dampening, lightweight large pivot doors. Since large pivot doors are 1/3 the weight of traditional construction materials, this makes installation easier, safer, and pain-free. Also, SingCore’s 50 year guarantee protects your pivot door against warpage. So even if your door is subjected to harsh climates, it is guaranteed not to warp for up to fifty years!

Large Pivot Doors can be made with any kind of material you would like. We offer doors in a variety of materials:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Metal
  • FRP Fiberglass
  • HPL High Pressure Laminate
  • Cement Board
  • MDF
  • Hardboard
  • and Decorative Surfaces

For a complete list of all materials that Large Pivot Doors can use to create your custom Pivot Door see the page “Customization“.