Traditional Pivot Doors

Traditional pivot doors have a center pivot point. These create an elegant entryway for your home. Although, you do have to consider that a  pivot door with a center pivot defines the maximum access as half of the door width. For example, if a pivot door is 10ft wide, the maximum access would be 5ft wide. The image to the right shows how a traditional pivot door would open in an entryway.

To get more information on Traditional Pivot Doors visit our page, What Are Pivot Doors?


Swing Pivot Doors

Traditional pivot doors are not your only option when considering a pivot door, since the pivots can be placed at any location. Moving the pivot point of your door more to one side or the other creates a greater entrance area on one side instead of the other. To have the maximum opening, a swing pivot door can be created so that it operates very similarly to a traditional swing hinge door.

The image above displays 10×12 swing pivot doors in the Center for Architecture & Design in Seattle Washington. These doors are each twelve feet wide, five inches thick, and open for a full 23 feet of access. This door also features a man door for easy access when in a closed position.

 Tall Pivot Doors

A large pivot door can span from floor to ceiling of any structure. These doors can also be as wide and as thick as a client’s specifications. These create large enough openings for machinery, elegant entryways, or dramatic flair. The images to the right display a Tall Pivot Door in a closed positioned and in an opened position. Here you can see how well the pivot doors can blend in with the rest of the building to create a seamless entryway.



Pivot Sliding Door

Another option for your large pivot doors is a method that combines the best of two types of door hardware to develop a pivot sliding door. This design uses multiple floor to ceiling pivoting door panels that are alternatively hinged and retrofitted in sliding door hardware to create large accordion door wall systems. These pivot sliding door wall units create complete separation between any two rooms, which function as folding stacking doors.

Large Pivot Doors products are completely custom to fit your project’s needs and specifications. You can customize your door’s skin, thickness, size, and edging. For more information on customizing your large pivot door, visit our Customization page. To order your custom large pivot door, submit our easy Online Order Form.