You may be amazed and interested when you find out that interior sliding barn doors are one of the hottest home trends happening right now. The reason behind interior sliding barn door popularity is that they’re functional, space saving, attractive, and add premium resale value to your home. In fact, a recent study conducted by Zillow Digs found that homes that listed “barn doors” in their description sold for 13% more than expected and 57 days faster. The cost of purchasing and installing these doors varies depending on material and size, making it an option for a wide range of budgets.

Large Lightweight Interior Sliding Barn Doors
Large Lightweight Interior Sliding Barn Doors

Benefits of Interior Sliding Barn Doors

Space Savers – Interior sliding barn doors free up space by not having hinged doors that swing back and forth.

Versatile – Interior sliding barn doors can turn one large space into many different rooms. Many homes combine the kitchen, dining room, and living room into one large space. Interior sliding barn doors are a great option for dividing the space. An interior sliding barn door can double as a wall or divider. Interior sliding barn doors can also be used for closets, pantries, bathrooms, and other places you want to hide while still being easily accessed.

Accessibility – Interior sliding barn doors are very easy to use and operate. Even small children or elderly people can slide them open and closed. Also, people using a wheelchair or walker will never have to hassle with a swinging door when it opens and closes.

Eye Candy – Custom door builders and millworks have seen a huge increase of customers requesting the style of barn doors for their interior sliding doors. You can get your interior sliding barn door customized by color, material, and size. Your interior sliding barn door will quickly become the biggest focal point at your next dinner party.

Increased Home Value – It has been proven that homes with interior sliding barn doors sell faster and for more money.


To slide open and closed, they have rollers at the top that attach to an aluminum track. The cost of the track depends on the weight and size of your door and is an important factor to keep in mind as you budget the cost of this project.

Large Lightweight Interior Sliding Barn Door
Large Lightweight Interior Sliding Barn Door

Average Cost of Interior Sliding Barn Doors

A basic, interior sliding barn door with track hardware starts at around $300 and goes up to around $1,000. Costs vary widely depending on material, size, and installation.

Our interior sliding barn doors start at only $99. All of the doors we sale have a 50 year no-warp guarantee. 

Sing Core is the Clear Choice for Interior Sliding Barn Doors

It is clear that not all interior sliding barn doors are the same. You never know when you might be seeking out Sing Core for your interior sliding barn doors. While they are primarily featured in large exterior sliding barn doors due to their lightweight and high strength as well as their ability to be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. It’s a tall order, but there’s only one way to accomplish such a feat with an exterior sliding barn door and it requires having Sing Core inside.

Large Oversize Lightweight High-Strength Sliding Butcher Block Barn Doors
Interior Sliding Barn Doors for Homes