We make custom large pivot doors that are strong, lightweight, non-warping, and green. We offer a large selection of styles and designs for all our large pivot doors. At our factory in Washington State, we can manufacture any size door for you and apply almost any door skin for your large pivot doors.

Depending on your budget, we have several large pivot door skin options that you can choose from. Our large pivot door skin options vary on price. Our most economical option is our paint grade ply door skin. Our wood veneer door skin options are popular among our customers. Some of our veneer door skin options include mahogany, oak, walnut, and alder door skins.

Wood Grain Door Finish

All of our wood grain pivot door finishes include solid wood stave and/or thin veneer door skins. Our 1/8″ wood stave door skin gives you a solid wood appearance. With our patented engineered core by SingCore, our doors are guaranteed to never warp. Whether you choose veneer or wood stave pivot door skins, your pivot door will be lightweight. Because our doors are so lightweight, minimal stress will be applied the structure and hardware. Large pivot doors without SingCore inside are extremely heavy and have a tendency to warp over time because of moisture, temperature, and other weather conditions. All of our large pivot doors have a 50 year non-warp guarantee. No other large pivot door manufacturer can offer the same guarantee.

Wood Veneer Door Skins

We can use any wood species for a pivot door skin that a customer requests. Our standard variety of pivot door wood veneer door skins include:

Wood Stave Door Skins

Metal Door Skins

We also have metal skins for pivot doors. For our metal pivot doors, we specialize in hot rolled and cold rolled steel skins. We also offer an aluminum pivot door skin option that is popular among our large pivot door customers. Our large pivot doors have a variety of metal pivot door skins to choose from. Standard metal pivot door skins include:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hot Rolled Steel

Paint Grade Door Skins

Our paint grade pivot door skins are a popular budget friendly option. Our large pivot doors can be made to your specs. Our paint grade pivot door skin surface materials include:

  • HPL
  • Wood Plywood

HPL Door Skins

MDF MDO Door Skins

Wood Plywood Door Skins

Other Skin Materials

  • Ceramic Door Skins
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Door Skins
  • Any other skin material as specified by customer

Ceramic Door Skins

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Door Skins