The most significant trend in upscale real estate is large pivot doors as the main access point to the structure. It’s the number one greatest impact improvement with the highest curb appeal and hands down leaves the most recallable first impression. In fact, when asked about a series of high end homes which have been viewed, the first significant feature remembered is,

“The one with the big pivot door.”

Multimillion dollar homes are setting the pace and the desire to have large pivot doors as the first impression and gateway to the most magnificent homes and estates is trickling down to high end residences desiring to opt for a large pivot front door.

How big should your pivot front door be? The answer by the best designers and architects is,

“As big as possible”

Or very near to full size floor-to-ceiling. In the most expensive homes it is not uncommon to see a 16-foot-tall or more pivot front door which stops a first time visitor in their tracks from the moment they make visual contact.

The Bigger the Pivot Door the Bigger the Problems

Big pivot front doors means big problems for the engineers and staff responsible for bring the vision of the designers and architects to life. Why? Well, due to the extreme nature and large size of such a monolithic pivot door slab, you are going to have to deal with the issue of sheer weight of the big pivoting front door.

Fortunately, we here at Large Pivot Doors know all these problems oh, too well, and the best news is, we regularly and continuously help to address and solve all the problems associated with large pivot doors and are able to guarantee our solutions for 50 years. Here are some of the problems associated with large pivot doors:

Pivot Door Problem #1: Heavy Weight

The weight of the large pivot door determines the structure, subs structure and support structure reinforcement necessary to pull off such a project. Also the weight of the door determines which pivot door hardware will be necessary to operate the big pivot front door. Also, big heavy pivot door slabs are difficult to manage on the job site, often requiring heavy equipment to help transport, maneuver and install the behemoths.

Pivot Door Problem #2: Warping Pivot Doors

The greatest long-term problem associated with large pivot front doors is their functioning as an exterior door. The unique characteristic of every pivot front door is that one side of the door faces the exterior which is exposed up to 100% to the weather, and as you know the elements are subject to change without notice; all this, while the other side of the door faces the interior of the structure, which is often climate-controlled. As you might have guessed, this causes a tremendous strain on the door, and especially if the door features a natural (sometimes exotic) wood… Well, nothing warps more than wood, especially if spanning more than 7 feet.

With the two biggest problems facing all pivot front doors of large size being Weight and Warp, the ones that follow are more nuisances that could be tolerated as trade offs for the advantage of having such a magnificent entry door. Even so, we have taken care of these challenges also. Some of these common complaints include,

3. Not being insulated for ineffective climate control

4. Not sound dampening for better separation between interior and exterior

5. Limitation of surface materials, or style.

6. Very expensive

Everything about them is expensive from design to build, to finish, to install, and maintain, just to name a few.

Expense is left for last because of the clientele to which the large pivot doors appeal. In most cases, the customer doesn’t care how much a large door costs. All they know is that they want what they want, and they want the best large pivot door available. And in most cases, it doesn’t matter how much it costs to make it happen.

Large Pivot Door Problems Solved One and for All

Thanks to our friends at Sing Core, we can solve all your large door problems in one fell swoop. The true flat team at Sing Core uses their patented and patent-pending large pivot door technologies to provide us with the best possible Eco-friendly large pivot door blanks that are lightweight (a fraction of the weight of other solid core pivot doors) high strength (independently tested at 660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) and enable us to guarantee your large pivot front door will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

50 Year Warp-free Pivot Door Guarantee

You can count on Sing Core to back their professional weatherproof exterior doors to serve you year after year and you can sleep soundly knowing that only pivot doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. It is just not possible to accomplish this feat any other way.

Made in the USA

You also have the satisfaction of knowing that all Eco-friendly Sing Core is manufactured in the USA made with responsible use of natural materials and recycled products for the most sustainable lightweight high-strength large pivot doors in the world.

Why You Should Choose Large Pivot Doors