The pivot door is a new bold concept in the emerging trends in contemporary architecture and design. Most notably, large pivot doors have the greatest impact on the marketplace, especially in terms of curb appeal. When a large pivot door is positioned as a pivot entry door, it commands the attention of anyone approaching the entrance of the structure.

A pivot door could potentially be manufactured of any flat building material, such as aluminum, brick, concrete, fiberglass, FRP, glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, or any kind of steel, to create cold rolled steel pivot doors, diamond plate steel pivot doors, galvanized steel pivot doors, hot rolled steel pivot doors, stainless steel pivot doors, or any other type of metal pivot door.

Of all the available materials which can be used for a pivot door, the most popular pivot door material is natural wood grain pivot doors. Wooden pivot doors have mass appeal due to the natural beauty and elegance of natural wood grain. Then only problem with wooden pivot doors made of natural wood is that they tend to move, warp, bend, twist, or cup not long after installation.

Natural wood is not very stable, especially when used for an oversized large pivot door. Those long spans of wood are just aching to stretch and contract in response to the changing environmental conditions. Until now, there was no way to build a large pivot door, especially a large wooden pivot door, which could be guaranteed not to warp.

Pivot Door

This new generation of modern pivot doors, only available from Large Pivot Doors, are made of the only patented pivot door core material which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. This 50-year warp-free guarantee ensure you and your clients a near maintenance-free performance over time, without having to worry about your pivot door warping, bending, twisting or cupping due to changes in environmental conditions.

Pivot Entry Door

Pivot entry doors are even more problematic because one side of the pivot door faces the structure’s interior while the other faces outside and could be exposed one hundred percent to weather conditions. That’s just asking for trouble where potential warping and questions regarding performance and security concerns.

Lightweight High Strength Pivot Door

When you get a large pivot door from Large Pivot Doors dot com, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the lightest weight, strongest (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound per pound) Eco-friendly warp-free pivot door in the world guaranteed.

You’re also getting the highest precision (patented large pivot door core is +/- .006 inch tolerance) and performance (50-year guarantee), including full structure warranty. No other pivot door in the world can compare.

Insulated Pivot Door

Every large pivot door we build is fully insulated with R-values starting at R3.5 per inch and go up from there for fully functional climate control and sound-deadening qualities which are highly sought-after characteristics in a pivot door.

Modern Pivot Doors

The most modern pivot doors feature our patented pivot door core material inside, or else, it’s just a pivot door. Your modern pivot door could be one of our most high-end steel pivot doors. When you get a steel pivot door from Large Pivot Door, you can have a large steel pivot door (up to 40 ft. tall) that weighs a fraction of any other steel pivot door with all the strength of solid steel, but very little of the weight. This, of course, applies to all other metal pivot doors, such as aluminum pivot doors as well.

Patented solid insulated core composite and the highest performance of any pivot door known to man.

Custom Pivot Doors

Your custom pivot doors no longer have to be incumbered by the limitations of traditional building materials or even the laws of physics. Due to the unique characteristics of our patented pivot door core, you can let your pivot door design run wild, uninhibited by the problems of size and/or weight. You don’t have to lose sleep over the reasons that most pivot door making materials tend to fail, either seasonally, or over time.

How to Get Large Pivot Doors

All you need to do to get your Eco-friendly, fully insulated, lightweight, high strength pivot door with the only 50-year warp-free guarantee in the world, is to contact your local pivot door company and tell them you want your large pivot door from Large Pivot Doors dot com.

You will get your doors from them, in any type or style fully back by our 50-year guarantee.



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