Nothing quite matches the impressive effect of a tall, smooth swinging, pivot door. whether it is a standard side pivot or a dramatic center pivot door, few things will have such an immediate, profound effect on your guests as they enter your home or office.

With traditional building materials it is difficult to make large pivot doors that last. Solid wood doors tend to warp and bow over time, especially when the dimensions exceed 8 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide.

Using Singcore’s patented and patent-pending technology, we can create very large pivot doors that are stronger, lighter, and guaranteed not to warp. Our Torsion box technology allows us to build pivot doors up to 50 ft. tall or 50 ft. wide! Because the core of our doors are made of a vertical grain grid filled with insulation foam, our doors maintain care-free operation due to the light weight.

In addition to being warp-free and light weight, our doors have many additional features not possible with other types of doors.

  • Sound proofing – trusted by many sound engineers and scientists, our doors can be made to meet sound transmission class 56
  • Waterproofing – many large pivot doors are used for front entry and there fore exposed to the outdoors. all of our doors can be made waterproofed to withstand even the most extreme storm conditions.
  • Bullet proofing – a reinforced core can be used to ensure maximum security without adding significant weight unlike many other bullet proof products.
  • fire retardant – with a magnesium laminate, any of our doors can be made to have 0 flame spread and 0 flame development.

The beauty of large pivot doors