There is no doubt about the difference a large pivot door can make in the main entrance of any structure. They are so impactful, the common nomenclature is represented by this simple phrase, “The larger the pivot door the better.”

Some structures are automatically fitted for a full-length floor-to-ceiling pivot door for that adds to the value, curb appeal and initial impact of those big pivot doors.

Even though, now more than ever, large pivot doors are increasing in popularity, there are some challenges facing the product causing concerns for the architects, designers, end-users, and maintenance staff.

Due to the sheer size of large pivot doors weight is the primary issue because anything oversized is going to be heavy. Adding to the weight, additional stress comes into consideration just to operate the large pivot door. Other considerations include where the pivot door hardware will be positioned in the door (making certain the structure and frame can accommodate stress and strain of this big pivoting door’s regular use) as well as where the pivot door is positioned in the structure and if one side is exposed to the elements.

This is a lot to keep in mind for the architects and designers eager to feature a predominant contemporary oversized pivot door in their project.

Pivoting Sound Doors

Multi-million-dollar high end homes and high-security industrial installations seek large pivoting sound doors, maintaining the impressive elegance of having a huge pivot door but demand a sound proof pivot door.

Sound proof pivot doors just don’t happen, there is a log to keep in mind when contemplating a pivoting sound isolation door and there are many degrees of sound barrier separation and materials which all have varying degrees of strength, endurance, thickness, weight, and ability to withstand the elements to take into consideration.

The sound-deadening pivot door base material featured inside Large Pivot Doors packed full of sound insulation makes all the difference because it has inherited sound dampening qualities and it’s stronger-than-steel, yet lightweight rigidity allows for the addition of soundproofing materials which could not be possible otherwise.

Warp-free Large Pivot Doors

And the ultimate concern of any large pivot door, over time, is that of warping pivot doors. Once a large pivot doors warp, their operation can be compromised to the level of total failure in being operated at all and facing the threat of no longer being able to secure the door.

Contemplating a warp-free pivoting door is a huge hurdle to face when approaching the idea of a huge pivot door. A warped door is a primary concern in any door over 8 ft. tall or 4 ft. wide, especially over time, leaving the client to have to endure periodic repair or replacement of their large pivot door.

Large Pivot Doors can be made not to warp but they must be manufactured correctly to achieve non-warping door status.

If you want a warp-free large pivot door, all you have to do is have your modern architectural pivot door specified as a 50-year warp-free door.

Our warp-free large pivot doors are available from any professional millwork or custom door manufacturer and are the only doors in the world that come with a 50-year warp-free guarantee, including full structure warranty.

The only way to build a 50-year warp free large pivot door, and the larger the pivot door the better.

The Larger the Pivot Door the Better