You may think a pivot door is just a piece of hardware, an functional unit of the home. In fact, a pivot door is an accessory in high end construction. When you buy a watch, certainly it must tell the time. But beyond that, it must tell of your style and status.

Pivot Front Doors for Sale

Naturally, given the statement that a pivot door makes, the place for a pivot door is the front door of a home.

Here at Large Pivot Doors, we make entry doors of the pivot variety of any size, finish, and configuration. All of our large and extremely oversize pivot doors are custom made to your specifications. That is to ensure that your door is bespoke and one of a kind.

Pivot Entry Door Price

Because of the custom nature of all of our  doors, every door must be priced individually, at our pricing page. Please contact us about your next project and we will be happy to walk you through the process of building a stunning, one-of-a-kind pivot entry door.

If you need a quick price quote, know right away that a pivot door will exceed the cost of a compatible hinge door. This is because the excess of quality and workmanship that we lavish on our pieces. If you need something just to shut out the elements, then stick with smaller traditional door construction. On the other hand, when style is a must and you are out to make a statement, then nothing exceeds a Large Pivot Door in this application.

Exterior Pivot Doors

All of our doors excel in exterior pivot door applications. Our doors are very well insulated, at between 3.5R to 6.5R per inch of core thickness.

Further, our doors have intrinsic sound deadening quality, and we have the capability of increasing the sound proof qualities to a rated level if desired. This means no more loud traffic sounds through your extra large front door.

Interior Pivot Door

Our technology also extends to the point where we can ship your door in smaller panels to be joined on site. This means you can bring a door inside in pieces, through a narrow passage way, and glue the panels together right in front of the door. The joining splines that we use are made of our proprietary material and, when joined according to our instructions, are almost as strong as the large panels we make in house.If you desire an interior pivot door then so much the better. Our sound proof qualities are great for dividing living spaces and giving you a sense of privacy in your own home when needed.

Modern Pivot Doors

Modern door ways are a style that such much about stark simplicity and clean material looks. When it comes to material choice, we have you covered. From wood natural of any variety, to metals of all kinds, custom HPL like white board, magnetic, blackboard, paint grade for your bespoke mural, we have it all.

Pivot Door Cost

Get a quote for your project today. If you are not sure what you want, send us a line anyway with what you are thinking about and we can help work you through the process.

Pivot Door Hardware

Here at Large Pivot Doors we specialize in custom, high end, pivot door panels for custom installations. Because pivot doors do not live in isolation, we do not provide hardware or finishing, and provide panels to the millwork or contractor developing your project for them to integrate in the design of the home.

Because our panels are not finished, we are not able to sell directly to home owners and can only deal business to business with trade professionals.

Pivot Door Company

When you think of a high end pivot door company, think immediately of Large Pivot Doors. Contact us today!

Why a Pivot Door is More Than a Door