By Trevor Allencort


Building new structures and remodeling existing commercial and residential areas will invariably lead you to the task of choosing what sort of door style you would like to go with to best compliment your design.  A large segment of the market defaults to hinge doors, because they are the cheapest, easiest option for homeowners and lower end commercial applications.  Hinge doors are the easiest doors to make, because of a number of manufacturing challenges that make sliding doors and pivot doors more difficult to make, especially large, over-sized doors.  People who use hinge doors likely have very low budgets and will be wasting their time dealing with large pivot door and large sliding door manufacturers.  On the other hand, if you are in the market for a higher end, more prestigious door that exudes expensive taste, large pivot doors are the answer.


Large pivot doors are found in high end locations, such as One World Trade Center and the most expensive homes in Beverly Hills, California.  There are a number of reasons why large pivot doors are more expensive than hinge doors. Large, over-sized doors require more rigorous manufacturing standards.  They must be stronger and more lightweight than hinge doors, because they are bigger. They also require more expensive hardware to function properly. That’s why we, here at Large Pivot Doors, recommend using only the best quality pivot doors if you’re going to span large, over-sized openings.  Your doors must be exceptionally dimensionally stable, or you will have problems later, such as, damage to your door frames, expensive hardware, costly molding, walls around the door, and even structural damage to the building. Your large pivot doors, must be lighter weight and less susceptible to warping.

Large Pivot Doors has gained the ability to make doors that are stronger, lighter, available in more skins, available with more features, more warp-free, more dimensionally stable, and built to the strictest tolerances.  All of our doors come with our signature 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee. They are also made in USA, using 100% materials sourced from the USA. Our goal here at Large Pivot doors is to make sure you get exactly the door you need for your purpose, which is why we recommend large pivot style doors as the number one style of door for the most rigorous situations.  Large pivot doors work best in the highest end situations that will require you to present the absolute best face possible for you and your customers. You can finish your doors with any type of primer or paint, install any type of hardware on your door, or install your doors as front doors, back doors, or interior doors. That’s the beauty of Large Pivot Doors.

It is a well known fact that Donald J. Trump and Kanye West both use large pivot doors.  Many of the most prestigious companies in the world also use large pivot doors. What you would need to do is to determine the dimensions of the doors you need, then proceed from there.  The next step would be to determine what kind of skin you need on your doors. That is how you would be able to achieve the best results possible.




Which Door Style Should You Choose?