Pivot Doors are Sweeping the Nation

By Kyle Muldoon


In recent years there has been tremendous buzz about pivot doors among architects, designers, homeowners, builders, contractors, and commercial building owners.  For all those out there who might be considering installing large pivot doors, you will want to read this first before making the decision. We have done extensive research on the matter to see if this is a passing trend, or whether pivot doors actually warrant long term attention.

Large PIvot Door


Form Versus Function:

Many people prefer the style of pivot doors because of their clean appearance and modern design.  They provide a great relief from the monotony of conventional doors and can compliment almost any example of architectural design.  The main question that comes into play when we make our decision on what mechanism to install is whether or not the function of pivot doors live up to the novelty of the aesthetics.  Both experience and research lead us to the conclusion that pivot doors offer numerous benefits in nearly every possible scenario. One of the most obvious benefits is that pivot doors provide a high-end experience.  They also allow for the use of hardware that operates smoothly and relatively error free. Pivot doors also afford increased size, because weight distribution tends to be more even compared to hinge doors, where all of the weight is concentrated on one side.  It is not uncommon to find large pivot doors that can reach 15 feet in width and 14 feet in height. Because of this, there is less stress placed on hardware and door frames that can result in damage from hinge doors. When you consider all of the benefits, large pivot door and huge pivot door advantages are clear.  After all, bigger is better.



Large Pivot Doors



Pivot Door Response to Weather Conditions:

Pivot doors can be made with any skin, including metal.  Certain skins offer more weather resistance than others. It is important to pick the skin that is appropriate for the weather conditions typically endured by your structure.  Installation and hardware are also important when determining how to install your pivot door to achieve the most weatherproof conditions. Double swing, double egress, and double acting doors and are notorious for being unable to stop water seepage, because they have no weather stop beads to keep water out.  Single action doors can be made waterproof by installing weather stop beads.


Pivot Door Styles:


Pivot doors can be made with any skin, of any size.  We recommend cedar, walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak, pine, fir, hemlock.  Pivot doors can also be made in made of glass. Glass pivot doors are extremely popular because they allow more transfer of life, and also allow people to see outdoor, offering people a better ability to see view the beauty of their surroundings.  In recent years another popular option has been to install metal doors. Doors can be made of aluminum, steel, bronze, copper, brass, or nickel. All of these options bring an aesthetic appeal to the building that is unparalleled by other methods. That is why we, at Large Pivot Doors, recommend huge pivot doors for every situation.


Large Pivot Doors



Pivot Doors are Sweeping the Nation

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