You will have the satisfaction of knowing that all Sing Core products are eco-friendly and manufactured in the USA. Our products are made with responsible, natural materials, and recycled products for the most sustainable large pivot doors in the world.

Stronger & Lighter

Stronger & Lighter

Many problems that traditional pivot doors face are because of their extreme weight. Heavy doors can be a burden on the supporting structure, are prone to warping, and are dangerous to install. However, there is a better way. Introducing: Large

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Large Pivot Door products are protected by SingCore’s 50 Year Guarantee. This guarantee protects against warping, breaking, twisting, bending, turning, or any other kind of failure, for up to fifty years!

Large Pivot Doors is the only pivot door provider that can guarantee their products for up to 50 years!

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What are Pivot Doors?

What are Pivot Doors?

Pivot Door: a pivot door is a swinging door that rotates on a spindle as opposed to traditional doors that open on butt hinges affixed to a frame. Pivot doors are usually larger, and heavier than typical hinged doors. Pivot doors operate smoothly and in the case of an entry door, are an elegant first impression. Pivot door systems can also be used in a variety of commercial environments as well as indoor bathrooms, spas, workout rooms, offices, etc.

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SingCore Testimonials

At O.B. Williams Company, we have had very good success utilizing the Sing panel as a core for high end custom architectural doors. While the Sing panels are not in and of themselves a finished product, they are a high quality lightweight and stable substrate, suitable for veneering or cladding with other finished materials.

David Wick O.B. Williams Company

Brandner Design uses Singcore for custom interior & exterior doors, as well as one of a kind custom applications. We love the fact you can pay for a rush, which is sometimes needed.We have had a few bad cores sent our way but Singcore stepped up and replaced with minimal effort. We will continue to use them.

Jeff Brandner Brandner Design

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